Victoria Baldwin

An Auckland based photographer with a passion for food. Forever thinking about the next meal; Always in search of that perfect mix of flavours. I'm drawn to bold colours, graphic shapes, beautiful light and have an obsession with tonal gradation. 

I'm a playful person who doesn't take themselves too seriously, but know what needs to happen to get the job done. When I started in Sydney I shot a broad range of subjects but finally honed in on food. I moved to Auckland in 2016 with the goal of broadening my voice and escaping exorbitant rent prices and parking fines.

Since landing in New Zealand I have found so much new produce on offer and am now secretly obsessed with travelling the country and exploring every supermarket, dairy, restaurant and cheap eat offering that Auckland and New Zealand have to give. 

I also enjoy gazing off in to the distance in every photo taken of me...


Nikon Featured Photographer Dec' 2017