LANGS BEACH | Spring Getaway

With the start of Spring comes all that excitement for what the summer might hold. Planning beach trips, evening meals outdoors, picnics and all the things winter weather prohibits you from. 

We went to Lang's Beach for a long weekend to relax and celebrate Una's 21st. I felt like I was in a bit of a creative rut and set myself the goal of making some cinnamon scrolls and flower crowns. Sometimes when I'm struggling creatively I like to put down the camera and focus on a different medium entirely. Making things with my hands has always come naturally to me and sometimes I forget how satisfying it is to create something more physical than a photograph. 

Una put down her study books and Imogen put on a matching outfit for aesthetic purposes and we got cracking with the crafternoon. I used a recipe  from the minimalist baker because it seemed easy. I had made it twice before and was trying to perfect my version of the recipe. I'm not very good at following instructions and numbers confuse me, I'm somewhat of an intuitive cook and that doesn't really translate to the science of baking. 

While waiting for the scrolls to bake and then rise we went for a walk and collected wild flowers growing on the roadside. We plaited long reeds and threaded the flowers through them, creating different patterns and colour combinations. We got to eat the scrolls in our pretty flower crowns feeling like princesses. 

What seemed like all too quickly it was time to return home so Ferg and I took a small detour past a local oyster farm and I got a dozen oysters for $12 all to myself. It was pretty decadent but very very delicious!