To Sydney; For Love

I recently made a quick trip to Sydney for an old friend's wedding. April and I met when we were 12 and have been friends ever since. April and Nik got married at Emirates One and Only Wolgan Valley. From the moment I received the invitation I was so so so so soooo excited to attend this wedding. Not only because of the beautiful location and wonderful adventure it would be, but because Nik and April are so well suited to each other. They are the most chiller couple I know. 

Needless to say the wedding was beautiful and I may have indulged a little too much, trying to take in alllllll that Wolgan Valley had to offer, but it was very much worth it! Mikeala and I made the road trip over the mountains together and we were roomies <3. I had planned to take many many more photos at this wedding but I got so swept up in it all and just was enjoying myself. Sometimes as a photographer I find it hard to switch off photo mode and go into actually enjoying life mode. I'm not saying that the two are incompatible but sometimes it's hard to find a balance. I am pretty chuffed with the picture of Nik and April's first dance though. That dance floor was a lot of fun.