Karekare | Dog of Wisdom

I went for a walk with my friend Michelle the other day. We stopped off for coffee and got sandwiches to go and started the drive to Karekare just 45mins out of Auckland. I had been on a walk here before and really enjoyed it and wanted to share it with Michelle. We hopped out of the car and got our things together and started to head towards the waterfall. Along the way we were greeted by the cutest black labrador who was very wet and very excited. 

I love dogs and frequently loose my train of thought when I see one on the street. It's my greatest sadness that we can't own a dog at the moment, they make you so happy! Anyway, dog rant over. This particular dog was really excited and started to walk with us. I was completely okay with this because as I have mentioned, I LOVE DOGS. Time went by and this dog led us to the waterfall, running ahead a little, then looking back eagerly like "you guys I am taking you to the best place ever, hurry up." We eagerly followed our newfound tour guide who led us to the waterfall. The dog excitedly walked around the whole perimeter of the clearing and went in the water as if it was showing off all the space and activities you can participate in whilst in this beautiful location. We took it all in and thought ourselves to be blessed by this majestic tour guide pupper.

It's a bit of an Instagram location for all those #wanderlust photographers and each time I have been there someone has been attempting to get an epic Instagram. These two german boys were there taking photos and seemed a little annoyed at our presence and the dog. I couldn't really comprehend this because IT'S A DOG!!! We soon realised the cause of their gripes when the dog ran away and came back with a huge stick, actually it was more of a small log. Our guide dropped the small log at our feet and began barking VERY LOUDLY. The sounds of his mighty bark reverberated in the little valley we were in and it was actually a little frightening. I had met dogs like this before, you start playing and game and then suddenly you're in for a two hour long battle of tug of war. A bit like when you start playing hide and seek with your small cousin at a family bbq and you're now responsible for them for the whole evening. 

I tried to restrain myself from throwing the stick (which was very difficult because I do enjoy a good game of fetch myself). Michelle however was unable to resist and threw the stick a little way, igniting a wave of barks even louder and more excited than the last. We quickly realised where this was heading. I tried to look at the dog's collar but it only had a council identification label and we had no reception to call the council. We decided to take some photos and continue on our way and see what our tour guide would do. We got the german boys to take a photo of us all and we continued on our way, the dog disappearing quickly, presumably to go find some other unsuspecting walkers and fill their day with glee/terror.

We walked along the sand of the beach a little way and found a place to eat our lunch and left soon after as it was pretty windy and the black sand at Karekare is a little brutal. We stopped off on the way home for a coffee and to peek at a beautiful gallery and then went back home to revisit the majestic dog in our dreams.