First few months in Auckland

For the first month of living in Auckland I was staying with Ferg and his family. We would spend our days on Trade Me searching for places to live, it's like a mix between Ebay and Gumtree. We were looking in a bunch of suburbs; Parnell, Grey Lynn, Mount Eden, Remuera, New Market but really we wanted to live in Ponsonby. We spent a month looking at apartments and tiny little split villas and couldn't find anything that would have a place for me to work at, have nice light and be in walking distance to shops. I was getting a bit frustrated and over it. The property market in Sydney is tough and to get a rental property you basically have to turn up to the viewing with the paperwork filled in, deposit in hand and a big smile on your face, beg and hope nobody puts in an application. I thought it would be easier to just walk into a place here but it was proving a little difficult. 

Last year when I was trying to decide if I wanted to move to Auckland, Ferg drove me around pointing out different places and houses and estimating the rental prices. There are these really cute villas all throughout Auckland but in Ponsonby there are streets full of them. Old beautiful houses with big sash windows, stained glass windows, gardens and cute little fences. I really wanted to live in one of them but they are pretty rare on the rental market and can get very expensive so we kept on looking. Realistically it didn't take that long to find something but I was impatient and keen to start life here. 

Eventually we found a really lovely place on Summer St. It had beautiful hard wood floors, neutral walls, high ceilings, sash windows, beautiful light, central heating, a big kitchen, a big back yard with a veggie patch, a balcony,  lots of character and is a 3 minute walk to Ponsonby Rd where there are lots of bars, restaurants and shops. We decided seeing as we didn't know anyone in the city it would be better to live with someone else so we asked Ferg's friend if he wanted to live with us and he did so we applied for the place and got it no dramas! I was pretty chuffed!

We moved in and let our stuff settle, I set up my office and got to work finishing my websites, thinking about where I want to go with my photography and got to know the city a little more. 

I've taken a bunch of images while here and is a selection of a few. The first few images are of our place and the rest random things that i've seen as we've gone for walks around our suburb. Also there are a million selfies. I got a new camera and have been wanting to shoot someone in the amazing light in our front room but haven't got round to organising anything so every afternoon i'm like OMG what amazing light, guess I'll have to take another selfie. I'm loving Auckland. I feel relaxed in a way I haven't felt before. Not sure if thats because for the first time since I was 14 i'm unemployed with no set schedule for my days or if Auckland's chiller vibes are rubbing off on me. Probably a mix of the two, but either way i'm not complaining.