Bushwalk in Karekare

Since moving here it's been pretty lovely how Ferg and Cam's friends have included me and invited me along to places. I've been wanting to get out into nature and go for a long hike. Ferg and I have done a few walks, but they're always more enjoyable with friends so over the long weekend we went for a walk in Karekare. It was pretty funny trying to explain to people that I wanted to go to Karekare as I was unintentionally mispronouncing the name and saying the name of a place that is actually 5 hours north. Oops. 

Eventually everyone understood where I was talking about so we bundled into cars with snacks, water and cameras at the ready and drove down the very windy road to Karekare beach. Props to Cam for his driving skills, if I had been driving it would have taken us double the time as windy roads are not something I'm used to driving coming from Sydney where I'd mostly do city or suburban driving. 

We got out of the car and decided to visit the waterfall first so we could end at sunset on the beach. This was a good decision. We did the Zion Hill track, but somehow ended up doing a much longer version of the walk. It was steep and muddy but nothing that my Timberlands couldn't handle. At one point I was walking through a puddle ankle deep in water and my feet didn't even get wet. I was actually amazed. I've always made pretty poor choices when it comes to shoes and wear them, hating them every time and hoping they will fall apart so I can get new ones that will inevitably be just as terrible, but somehow these I don't regret. 

I digress. The walk was lovely, the view was sublime and when we got down to the beach at the end of the track we were treated to a beautiful sunset. Auckland has some cracker sunsets. I feel like everytime there is a nice sunset in Sydney everyone Instagrams it, but here, because it's so lovely all the time, it's like oh yeah, there is another beautiful sunset. 

We walked along the beach (which has black sand!) and walked a little too slow and the light began to dwindle. At one point we were walking in the dark and lost the path (lol) but made it out mostly unscathed. We drove back home, patted ourselves on the back for how many steps we had done and had a roast and played cards against humanity. An excellent Sunday. 

Side note: I've just moved from Canon to Nikon and am still learning how to work with the colours and settings. It's really interesting after being a Canon shooter for so long learning something new, but I guess that's what photography is all about! Learning. Delicious Learning. 

Many thanks to walking companions for not leaving me stranded when I stopped to take photos: Cam, Ferg, Imogen, Kim and Mikey.