2016 | Year in review

What a big year it has been. I've moved country, switched camera brands, had a variety of hair styles, changed direction with my photography and learned a whole lot in the process. I'm writing this post as my last act of "work" for the year as we head up to the beach house today for a dose of vitamin D and a break from too much computer time. 

Before moving to New Zealand I was pretty unsure of what the future would hold, I just knew I had to keep challenging myself and force myself to do something different. I had a dream job in Sydney shooting full-time, working with really lovely people and I had lots of beautiful gear at my disposal. But when you achieve one of your goals in life, to keep achieving you have to set your sights higher. It was pretty scary moving to New Zealand, but we found a place to live, and I landed a nice big job straight off the bat shooting a food commercial. Before moving here I was at a bit of a loss photographically. There are so many wonderful photographers out there and to set yourself apart you need to find a voice and a style. You need to be known for something (this is what mentors are telling me at least). I found it really hard to move in one direction because so much of photography interests me, portraits, architecture, product etc. But shooting this job really solidified my love for food and I quickly picked up more work shooting food and landed a regular gig at My Food Bag shooting their recipe cards and social media photography. I split my time between working there, on other freelance projects, personal projects and luckily I have enough time to relax and workout. 

It's been strange moving to a new place and not having any long-term friends. My best friend from Sydney has been travelling the world for most of this year so we could only speak intermittently. It's been a little isolating but with the quiet comes introspection and with introspection comes revelation. I've learnt lots about myself and the world and am really happy I made the move. 

That's probably enough writing for now so I will let the work speak for itself. What will follow is a series of images that I have shot this year, commissioned and personal projects. After this posts I'm off to the beach for the next 2 weeks to recharge and think about the year ahead and what my next goals will be.

Merry Christmas to you and your family and thankyou for supporting and viewing my work this year.