SOPHIA | Portrait

Sophia and I met at uni and I think she's a 10/10 human. She's intelligent, funny, bold and beautiful. I love her honesty and intelligence. For this shoot, we decided to have some retro vibes and natural lighting. We started planning on Pinterest and set the date. Sophia provided all her own outfits, did her makeup and I helped with the back of her hair (it's always the hardest part!). She used a mini hair straightener like this which was so effective at getting really tight curls in short hair. 

These pictures were taken during the last weekend in my old place in Sydney. I loved this apartment, it had beautiful light, a garden and a small studio out the back. I always loved my bedroom during the day because I had these sheer curtains that filtered the light beautifully. I always wanted to shoot in my bedroom and I was really inspired by a shoot by Sue Bryce so I thought let's just go for it. Sophia was very trusting and I am in love with every image. 

Hope your enjoy!