Sydney trip

Before moving to Auckland, I booked tickets to go back to Sydney for my sister's 30th. It was going to be a surprise but I got a booking for a wedding the weekend before in Sydney, so thought it was cruel to keep my presence in the country for a week a secret so I spilled the beans. I was kind of feeling like I didn't really live in Auckland yet because I was going back for a visit and now that i'm back here, I really live here...... weird logic but hey, thats how my head works sometimes. 

I got to see a few people, but definitely didn't get to spend enough time with everyone. On the Saturday when I arrived I went with mum to check out the wedding location and plan where I would take the couple for photos. Mum posed for some portraits below. I shot the wedding on Sunday, then in the evening did a portrait session, then a few days later flew up north to see my childhood friend Ash who just had a baby in Yamba. We took some photos, reminisced and marvelled at where life has brought us. Again, some of these images are below. 

Once I got back to Sydney there was just enough time to make a cake and prepare my sister's 30th. It was a really beautiful evening with lots of her friends from uni and work coming to have a drink and a dance. There was a lovely moment when I was the perfect level of drunk and I was dancing with my mum, dad, brother, sister and brother in law to Gemma's favourite 80's hits. The next day we all went to breakfast then everyone slowly left. Cris went off to Uni. Gems and Aaron went home. Mum left for the airport to visit family in the UK and then suddenly it was just me and dad left in the house and it was time for me to head back to Auckland. Visiting home is such a tease. I got to spend time with just a fraction of my friends and remember all the reasons why I love that city, and then it was time to head home. Alas!

Also, I almost forgot but I dyed my hair brown! I went back to my normal hair dresser because I was too scared to get someone new to do it. I have fully adjusted now to being a brunette. 

Here are some images I took along the way during my time in Sydney.