Kenny is a unique person. She's fiercely intelligent, a solid feminist and a brilliant performer. She's studying gender studies and performance studies and is a big advocator for sexual health and abuse victims. She's been in the news a bit lately and I was reading these articles from New Zealand, thinking about how awesome she is for speaking so openly about her experience of abuse. It takes guts and a big support network to speak so candidly and I'm really happy she is helping shake things up in Sydney's college culture. When I was in Sydney our schedules aligned and we made this portrait series together. I have been thinking a lot about what art I make and what I want to say as an artist. I really care about the Feminist movement and love to showcase brilliant women being themselves, and am still experimenting with showcasing characters and stories that are an extension of this. Kenny and I hung out one Sunday night, I had just been at a big all day shoot and she was preparing to go travelling overseas the next day. We were both a bit scattered and had racing minds and were probably a little sleep deprived, but maybe this is when the magic happens. We played around with the concepts of femininity, woman-hood, Kenny's wardrobe and with the random bits of fruit and flowers I brought with me. The resulting images are so varied and I love them.