Each year Ferg's family goes on a holiday together to Queenstown to Ski. Last year was my first time joining them and I tagged along again this year. 

When checking in for my flight I realised that I had been placed in the emergency row, which means extra leg room. When I asked to change seats, the desk clerk was pretty puzzled as to why I would give up a seat that some people pay extra money for. I explained that I wanted to see the view but she still didn't seem to get it, completing my request regardless. Flying into Queenstown is a somewhat terrifying experience if you are a semi-nervous flyer. As the captain announces that it's time to prepare for the descent, you put up your tray table and fasten your seatbelt, putting up the window shade only to reveal a giant mountain right there in the window. The captain skillfully navigates the plane right through mountain ranges, so close you can see the details in the snow covered rocks and lands in a tiny town. Last time I flew in, I had booked the 7am flight so I could see the mountains in a beautiful sunrise, the cloud lit up in pink, but the weather wasn't as clear this time. The skies were moody, dark and brooding, but quickly cleared later that day. 

We hastily made our way up the mountain and I managed to squeeze in 4 days of skiing in my short break between shoots back in Auckland. We stayed at Millbrook in Arrowtown which is such a pretty place to be! Little ducks greeted us each morning and evening and we could see the mountains from our window. They also have an amazing spa open to guests which is heaven after a long day of skiing. 

We took one day off to rest our legs and explore the area a little more. Ferg and I hired a car and had my favourite breakfast at Joes garage; the Joker roll. We then drove out to Paradise, which is a little further than Glenorchy. It was pretty beautiful in the plains between the ice capped mountains, but my favourite part was the beautiful forest. We wanted to take photos during a pretty sunset but weren't as lucky as the previous year. We were hoping for something each day we were there but mother nature didn't treat us until the final evening before we were meant to get our flight. We quickly made a dash up the Remarkables before boarding our plane back to Auckland. 

NEW ZEALAND WINTER | Queenstown and Auckland

My Boyfriend moved to New Zealand in April and it's pretty hard living in different countries.
I flew to New Zealand to visit him and go skiing. I completely fell in love with skiing and him even more. 

We hung out in Auckland for two days then headed down to Queenstown to spend some time together before his family arrived. It was kind of weird being around someone again after time apart but after about 5 minutes I couldn't remember being without him.

We flew into Queenstown as the sun was rising which is both beautiful and terrifying as you fly in through the mountains. I would totally recommend anyone booking a flight to arrive as the sun is rising and getting a window seat!

We spent about 6 days on the slopes which I totally loved. He had to go back to Auckland for work when I went skiing for the first time. His mum walked up and down the kiddy track teaching me to do snow ploughs and turns. His Dad then took me on some starter slopes, showing me where the good bits of snow are, how to avoid other people and how to put my weight over my toes, propelling myself down the mountain. His sister and her friends took me on some slopes and we made a pretty cute bunch of snow bunnies all together. When it was finally time for my boyfriend to teach me, his family already had! It was pretty lovely for everyone to spend so much time and patience helping a noob like me!

Once Ferg came back, we went skiing some more and visited Milford Sounds which is the most beautiful place ever! Huge mountains spring out of the water and a delicate cool mist covered the horizon creating this really beautiful, eerie feeling.

The drive there is pretty dangerous as you have to go THROUGH A MOUNTAIN, but luckily Ferg is a good driver!

Most of these Images are from our travels in the car, where we stayed (Milbrook Resort; SO BEAUTIFUL) or Auckland. 

Every time I visit New Zealand I fall in love with it in a new way.