SOPHIA | Portrait

Sophia and I met at uni and I think she's a 10/10 human. She's intelligent, funny, bold and beautiful. I love her honesty and intelligence. For this shoot, we decided to have some retro vibes and natural lighting. We started planning on Pinterest and set the date. Sophia provided all her own outfits, did her makeup and I helped with the back of her hair (it's always the hardest part!). She used a mini hair straightener like this which was so effective at getting really tight curls in short hair. 

These pictures were taken during the last weekend in my old place in Sydney. I loved this apartment, it had beautiful light, a garden and a small studio out the back. I always loved my bedroom during the day because I had these sheer curtains that filtered the light beautifully. I always wanted to shoot in my bedroom and I was really inspired by a shoot by Sue Bryce so I thought let's just go for it. Sophia was very trusting and I am in love with every image. 

Hope your enjoy!

ZEDTOWN | Humans VS Zombies

Each year during the Verge Festival at Sydney Uni, the campus is transformed into a zombie war zone. Students take up Nerf guns and defend themselves from the zombies that will inevitably devour them. 

When the game first ran in 2012 I was eagerly involved. I remember feeling like I would literally die in my real life if the zombies got me. I was panicked, frantic and inevitably succumbed to a horde. I wrote about it here.   

This year I took my camera along to get capture some images of the amazing costumes that players were wearing. It was such a hot day and I have no idea how they made it through the whole time wearing some of these getups. 

To read more about Zedtown check them out here

COPYRIGHT NOTE: I'm guessing some players will want to use these images on their personal social media pages which is totally cool and I'm flattered. Just remember I have copyright over my work so please shoot me an email to let me know what you want to do and I can send you a high resolution image for personal use. 



COPYRIGHT NOTE: I'm guessing some players will want to use these images on their personal social media pages which is totally cool and I'm flattered. Just remember I have copyright over my work so please shoot me an email to let me know what you want to do and I can send you a high resolution image for personal use. 




NEW ZEALAND WINTER | Queenstown and Auckland

My Boyfriend moved to New Zealand in April and it's pretty hard living in different countries.
I flew to New Zealand to visit him and go skiing. I completely fell in love with skiing and him even more. 

We hung out in Auckland for two days then headed down to Queenstown to spend some time together before his family arrived. It was kind of weird being around someone again after time apart but after about 5 minutes I couldn't remember being without him.

We flew into Queenstown as the sun was rising which is both beautiful and terrifying as you fly in through the mountains. I would totally recommend anyone booking a flight to arrive as the sun is rising and getting a window seat!

We spent about 6 days on the slopes which I totally loved. He had to go back to Auckland for work when I went skiing for the first time. His mum walked up and down the kiddy track teaching me to do snow ploughs and turns. His Dad then took me on some starter slopes, showing me where the good bits of snow are, how to avoid other people and how to put my weight over my toes, propelling myself down the mountain. His sister and her friends took me on some slopes and we made a pretty cute bunch of snow bunnies all together. When it was finally time for my boyfriend to teach me, his family already had! It was pretty lovely for everyone to spend so much time and patience helping a noob like me!

Once Ferg came back, we went skiing some more and visited Milford Sounds which is the most beautiful place ever! Huge mountains spring out of the water and a delicate cool mist covered the horizon creating this really beautiful, eerie feeling.

The drive there is pretty dangerous as you have to go THROUGH A MOUNTAIN, but luckily Ferg is a good driver!

Most of these Images are from our travels in the car, where we stayed (Milbrook Resort; SO BEAUTIFUL) or Auckland. 

Every time I visit New Zealand I fall in love with it in a new way. 


BEAMS FESTIVAL | Chippendale

I was feeling a bit sad and my good friend Brenden texted me saying "come over for dinner and Beams festival."

He made us all dinner, we chatted about the dethroning of Tony Abbott last week then wandered down the road to the festival. It was a beautiful night with good friends, food and exploring. 



Tom Murphy is an up and coming comedian and needed some new portraits for his Sydney Fringe Festival show. 


Eliza dropped by last weekend to my home studio for a portrait session. She's an economic writer, market analyst for and comedian, whose work involves researching and explaining topics such as unemployment, the changing nature of work, robotics and housing affordability.

Eliza is also a genuinely lovely human who is caring, beautiful and very interesting to chat to. 

NEW ZEALAND | Green Volcanoes

While I was in Auckland over the easter break I went up some amazing volcanoes. They are grown over with lush green grass, you can drive up some of them (what I did). Growing up in Sydney, I have never seen anything like this! 

NEW ZEALAND | Easter Break

Over the Easter break I took a plane to Auckland and drove around the north island. The coffee was excellent, the weather was beautiful and I was so relaxed. I took the chance to shoot the more mundane moments of my trip and focus on spontaneous photography instead of the planned stuff I do day-today.



Julia is a friend I studied with at University. She's a complete ray of sunshine and one of those people who just seem to be amazing at everything. 

I recently got some new lights and Julia got a new haircut so we spent a few hours playing around one hot January weekend. 

Creative Space | Cris Baldwin

The other day I found myself with a spare hour in the afternoon so I went to the studio of Cris Baldwin to shoot his space.

Cris has trained in Fashion Design at Ultimo Tafe in Sydney, put on one solo show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and produced a range for Fernando Frissoni which also showed at Fashion Week.

Cris has great attention to detail and labours over his pieces. His sewing skill are perfect and everything that comes out of his studio is sewn beautifully. He has now turned his attention to costumes and works with interesting fabrics like cellophane, leather, foam and faux fur.